About Us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Aldro Trading L.L.C. is specialized in distribution and service operating in the
environment Odor control industry.
Especially, specializes in ambient air sanitation inside all types of establishments,
by injecting Aroma derived from pure essential oils (aromatic plant oils).
The Aldro Aromas diffusion systems of our Aldro Aromas
Fragrance Oils create a particular mood that can provide psychic benefits to the
ones exposed to them and economic benefits for the enterprise.

The patented technology of us cold air expansion technology makes sure to the
successful implementation of more space fragrance diffusion. Using fragrance
diffusion systems is the best option to improve the environment and create a
comfortable atmosphere for Hotel Lobbies, Conference rooms, Function Rooms,
Spa Centers, Fitness clubs, Automobile Showrooms, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools,
Universities, and much more.
Our flagship series, Aldro Aromas include the Aldro Aromas Mini Aroma Car
diffuser, Aldro Aromas Wall Plug-In Aroma Diffuser, Aldro Aromas Tower diffuser,
and Aldro Aromas system for large areas connected
through HVAC ducting systems, give clients a sense of high-tech and modern
appearance with innovative and environmentally friendly Aroma Air Designing.
Every brand should have its own Scent branding, and we will help set it up,
that's what we do. And that’s why we called “Scent Marketing Experts”.
Our Mission: Let all customers experience a nice scent without harm and
increase customer loyalty by setting up the scent branding.
If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us via email at:
We at Aldro Aromas stand ready to serve you.