Scent Marketing for Indoor Recreational Facilities

Welcome your customers with a pleasant and energizing fragrance. Studies show that in a scented environment, customers linger longer. Stand out from the crowd and give your locale a competitive edge by choosing the right AldroAroma scent marketing strategy for you. Our selection of suitable aromas contains fragrances with anti-bacterial qualities to answer to larger crowds, as well as insect and malodor eliminating scents. We give you the option to combine those practical solutions with mood enhancing fragrances such as Bergamot-based oils that are known to revitalize and re-energize and which can be used in gaming centers and restaurants, or more relaxing extracts along the lines of Lavender mixes that are perfectly suitable for theater halls and cinemas. The mood is enhanced up to 40% and perceived your establishment positively Let your customers recall your brand with scent allowing them to remember their joyful memories and keep them coming back to you.