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Condensation Tin cure molding RTV silicone rubber, Tin-based. silicone, also called condensation-cure silicone, are two-component materials that cure at room temperature the Aldro Aromas RTV Silicone Rubber A30 Silicon Mold-making systems are flexible, high tear-strength rubbers. Tin-cured silicone can be poured onto models, or they can be made brush-able by adding a Thixotropic additive. They are ideal for Molds where an easy release and high-temperature resistance are required


  1. Compared to the common silicone rubber, the Aldro Aromas RTV Silicone Rubber A30 has good abrasion resistance, good duplication times, and long life.
  2. Has a Good physical performance, high tensile strength, and tear-strength 
  3. Cured at room temperature, low viscosity, and good fluidity, easy to pump the vacuum
  4. Has a Lower shrinkage and precise mold after curing


Aldro Aromas RTV A 30 Silicone Rubber Mold is a two-component Silicon Rubber, mainly used for the duplication of resin crafts, plaster crafts, candle crafts, POLI crafts, cultural stoner gypsum line, and GRC architectural decoration, and figure duplication. Condensation Cure Mold Making Aldro Aromas RTV A30 Silicone Rubbers can be poured or brushed onto products for casting Candles Soy wax, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Polyester resin, Gypsum/plaster, Cement, Waxes, Low melt alloys/metals, etc.


  1. Make a frame, then put the mold on the bottom and fasten it
  2. Pouring 1000 Grams of AldroAromas RTV A30 Silicon Rubber then add only 3% [30 grams] of curing agent into the container then stir evenly at room temperature with a slow ramp per minute electrical paddle mixing example [slow RPM drill machine].
  3. Put the mixture into the vacuum machine for about 5-10 minutes to eliminate the bubbles
  4. Pouring the mixture into the frame slowly in one corner to avoid air bubbles
  5. Remove the frame after the Aldro Aromas RTV A30 Silicon Rubber cured it will take around 7 to 8 Hours   


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1KG, 5KG, 25KG